Kristaps has asked me to take over the writing for this week. It seems that Swift proposals and pitches have slowed down a little bit for now. Is this due to summer in the northern hemisphere or people having fun with the current beta releases by Apple? Who knows. I do know everything happens in cycles and my guess is that things will pick up again. Enjoy this week’s links and information.

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Starter tasks

  • SR-14824 [Compiler] Consider must in diagnostic error message for empty switch cases

News and community

Bruno Rocha wrote an in depth article on How Actors Work Internally in Swift.

Tim Condon did a nice experiment with Visual Studio Code as a (server-side) Swift IDE. He reports on his experience in a Swift Forum topic.

Accepted proposals

SE-0292 Package Registry Service was accepted.

The 3rd review of SE-0292 has concluded. The review has been generally quiet with feedback focused on making the OpenAPI spec more robust to explicitly highlight the support for redirecting proxies which have been one of the focus points of the 2nd review. As such, the proposal has been accepted with a few minor revisions.

SE-0319: Never as Identifiable amendment was under review and is accepted.

Proposals in review

SE-0314: AsyncStream and AsyncThrowingStream is under review.

SE-0304: Structured Concurrency is under a fourth review.

Swift Forums

Tomer Doron shared the Swift Server Work Group June 23rd, 2021 meeting notes.

Dario Rexin has announced that development for Swift 5.4.3 for Linux and Windows is now open.

Merge window open: Jul 8 2021 (now) Merge window close: Jul 28 2021 Planned release: End of July or early August 2021

Ben Cohen pitched a proposal on value properties on Results.

SE-0310 added throwing properties, and so SE-0304 has a throwing value instead of get(). This adds a matching equivalent to Result which makes things more consistent.